To treat a problem that is located in a single root of a tooth that has multiple tooth roots, Dr. Valerie Foster may recommend root resection in Aloha, Oregon. In many cases, a tooth will have good support in all of their roots except one. Instead of extracting the tooth, our dentist may just remove the unhealthy root. A part of the tooth’s crown above that root may also need to be removed. Problems in the tooth root may include tooth decay, a broken or cracked area, or severe bone loss.

When a tooth needs root resection, it should have root canal treatment first. In most cases, our dentist will cut through the gums and go through the bone to expose the roots of the tooth being treated. The root is removed from the rest of the tooth and sometimes some of the crown is removed as well. The area is rinsed. Our dentist may place a bone graft where the tooth root was. The gums are then stitched closed. You may experience some discomfort, swelling, and slight bleeding for one or two days. Avoid chewing with the tooth until our dentist removes the stitches. A dental crown is placed once your gums have healed.

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