If the pulp in a tooth’s crown is decayed, but the pulp in the tooth’s root is healthy, Dr. Valerie Foster may recommend a pulpotomy in Aloha, Oregon. A pulpotomy is also performed when a tooth’s pulp becomes exposed because of injury or trauma. A pulpotomy can save the nerve inside the tooth root from dying. A pulpotomy is the procedure by which Dr. Valerie Foster removes part of a tooth’s nerve tissue. Pulpotomy will relieve sensitivity and pain and will keep the tissues that surround and support your tooth from breaking down.

To perform a pulpotomy, our dentist will first take X-rays to examine the tooth and check the root for infection. Our dentist will then remove the decayed areas from the tooth and make an opening to the dental pulp. The damaged pulp is removed and medicine is placed over the root pulp. A temporary filling is placed and our dentist may choose to place a dental crown to support the tooth. After treatment, the gums will be sore in the area during healing. Our dentist will check the tooth during future appointments.

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