When a patient has decay between the two tooth roots because of gum disease, Dr. Valerie Foster may recommend hemisection in Aloha, Oregon. The area between the tooth roots is hard to clean and it is difficult for our dentist to reach the infected bone to treat it. During hemisection, our dentist will cut the tooth in half, which will provide easy access to the infected area so our dentist can treat it. This procedure will also allow you to clean the area with dental floss.

A tooth that needs hemisection should first have root canal treatment performed on it. Our dentist will take X-rays to examine your teeth for decay and to see how bad your case of gum disease is. Our dentist will then make a small incision to expose your tooth roots. The tooth is then cut in half between the roots. The decay and any areas of the tooth and roots that cannot be saved are removed. Stitches may be used to close the area. The two separate parts of the tooth will be covered with dental crowns. This procedure usually takes about an hour, but will vary from patient to patient.

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