If you have a gummy smile or if your gums are too low, ask Dr. Valerie Foster about gum contouring in Aloha, Oregon. This cosmetic procedure will even out your gums, giving you a smile that you will love. Gums that sit too high on your teeth can make your teeth appear small or short. This may occur because of genetics, a health problem, or taking certain prescription medications. If your gums sit too low on your teeth, they will make your teeth appear too long. This is often caused by gum recession, which is when the gums pull back from the tooth and expose the tooth root. Gum recession can mar the appearance of your smile and lead to issues like decay and tooth loss. Gum recession is often caused by gum disease.

To perform gum contouring, our dentist will first explain to you what she will be doing. Our dentist may use a pen to draw a line showing your new gum line. Our dentist will use a laser to remove the excess gums and to reshape it. The use of a laser during this procedure reduces bleeding. Also, laser dentistry is nearly painless, so anesthetic is usually not needed.

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